food At The Paper Mill

food At The Paper Mill

We take pride in the food that we serve our guests. Our produce is locally sourced, if not grown by ourselves, at The Secret Herb Garden just along the road. Our chefs are passionate about fresh, high-quality ingredients and take great pride in their creative abilities. Whether you are looking for a memorable breakfast, a delicious lunch or an exceptional dinner, we are confident won’t disappoint. 

always fresh

Local Scottish Produce

Our produce is either locally sourced or grown by us! this ensures the highest quality ingredients, we take great pride in the food that we serve our guests.

Special occasion?

Afternoon Tea at The Paper Mill

Afternoon Tea is the quintessentially British treat that everyone loves and the perfect excuse for catching up with someone special.

All yours

Private Events

At The Paper Mill you don’t need an excuse to enjoy yourself, but if you have one then we’d be happy to oblige!